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Photonics is at the core of all light harvesting concepts and technologies (photovoltaics and in solar cells) as well as in efficient illumination and lighting.

ICFO conducts research towards the challenges in energy efficient applications, developing disruptive approaches to renewable energies applications.

Ongoing research thrusts include different advanced low cost highly efficient transparent solar cells, organic LEDs, transparent photonics approaches, smart windows, energy efficient optoelectronic devices, photoelectric, thermoelectric and electromechanical transducers, and energy efficient sensors. ICFO also hosts active programs in nanophotonics, including nano-structured materials, nano-cavities, nano-antennas, low cost material processed nano photonic devices and plasmonic enhanced light harvesting.

ICFO collaborates with research centers, Universities and corporations worldwide, acting as local Green Photonics Hub.

The multi-disciplinary nature of photonics makes collaboration between specializations essential. Groups are comprised of scientists from a mix of backgrounds including Physics, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Clinicians.