Part 1: Non-invasive, deep tissue monitoring & imaging with diffuse light; basics, theoretical model and instrumentation

In this two part lecture, I will present first the physics and technology (Part I) and then, in Part II, I will present our results in ischemic stroke as a major clinical problem summarizing ~15 years of research. Finally, I will describe the future directions of this multi-disciplinary research work.

Part I: First, I will present the basic physics and algorithms behind modelling the propagation of photons deep (> 1 cm) into the tissues. I will put this in the context of its scientific and clinical relevance and outline the instrumental/technological needs. Didactic videos and historical examples will allow this lecture to be accessible at different levels.

For the next seminar (Part 2), I will give a clinical example where we have shown great deal of advances towards meeting an important clinical need.

Instructions for joining Seminar: All interested may join this seminar. Participants will be asked to register upon entry. Enter with video y microphone in “off”.

Link to Seminar

Seminar, April 6, 2020, 16:30. Online