Transparency of ultrathin metals

Ultrathin metals, graphene and phase change materials for photonic devices

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Ultrathin layers, such as a few atom thick metals and graphene show unique electronic transport and optical properties. In particular they can be used as efficient transparent electrodes to replace indium tin oxide (ITO), containing scarce and expensive indium, in many photonic devices, such as organic tactile and rigid displays, organic light emitting diodes and solar cells. Besides lower cost, compared to ITO, they are also compatible with most of other materials, can be processed at room temperature, and are mechanically flexible, this feature being essential for roll-to-roll fabrication processes. Another class of thin films which can provide active functionalities, such as optical switching, is phase change materials that can undergo an amorphous to crystalline structural transition under application of appropriate laser pulses. In the project we will investigate designs and methods to create highly performing and added functionalities photonic devices, which exploit ultrathin metals, graphene, phase change materials or their combination.

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