The picture shows our reaction microscope for kinematically complete measurements of recollision dynamics.

Quantum dynamics

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At a most fundamental level, electronic motion determines all aspect of technology and life. Electrons determine whether and how a molecule dissociates and how a chemical reaction occurs; electrons sustain the energy flow in human vision or of our nerve system, and they determine whether biological life ends. Our aim is to zoom into the microcosm of electronic motion to observe and possibly control their dynamics. The research therefore deals with a wide range of aspects from the quantum nature of electronic correlation to tracking their dynamics on the attosecond timescale despite velocities thousand times faster than that of the nuclei. We have, e.g. pioneered attosecond angular streaking, which permits attosecond resolution measurements of electron wavepackets without attosecond x-ray pulses. Currently, we use a reaction microscope to investigate the concerted motion of electrons and ions on their attosecond timescale and to realize self-imaging of molecular structure.