Transparent nano-structured glass surface

Nano-structured optical surfaces for antireflection, harvesting, self-cleaning, and antimicrobial applications

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The synthesis of new materials and the advances in controlling fabrication processes at the nanoscale are powerful tools for the development of new designs and added functionalities in photonic devices. Despite the intensive academic research in nano-photonics and the demonstration of its potentials in various fields, significant effort is still needed to fully exploit it at industrial level. In particular an essential feature for mass production of devices is to find reliable techniques, other than e-beam lithography and focused ion beam milling, that allow precise nano-structuring of large surfaces at low cost. Our research is focussed on developing optical surfaces and interfaces with unprecedented properties by using advanced concepts and scalable nano-fabrication techniques. More specifically application in the bio and medical areas are targeted. These include but are not limited to anti-fingerprint and self-cleaning transparent surfaces for displays, surface enhanced optical detection of chemical and bimolecular species and antimicrobial (antivirus and antibacterial) surfaces.