Quantum communication experiments in space.

Photonic devices for quantum applications in space

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Recent developments in long-distance, free-space quantum optics have shown that entangled photons and random numbers are not only a tool for fundamental physics experiments, but could also find commercial applications in the near future, such as quantum enhanced metrology, quantum cryptography, and quantum communications. One of the key requirements for envisaged satellite-link experiments is the development of highly efficient, space-qualified sources of entangled photons, faint pulse sources for Decoy type transmission and quantum random number generators. Within the framework of collaborative projects with the European Space Agency (ESA) and international industrial partners, we are developing these sources suitable for operation in the harsh space environment as well as devising proof-of-principle applications over long-distance free-space links.

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  • Large-field-of-view CMOS based sensing of particulates, micro-organisms and biomarkers V. Pruneri