Plus+: ICFO’s Training and Development Program

Scientists with wide-scope scientific and technical training are more successful in helping frontier research to have a profound effect on society. They are also better equipped to take advantage of the wide range of professional opportunities that their scientific training may present. With this in mind, we created the Plus+ program of excellence which encompasses a series of activities designed to equip PhD students and young post-docs with personal and professional skills to prepare them for leadership in the academic and the industrial worlds.

The Plus+ Training and Development Program offers a unique package of wide-scope scientific and technical training, courses on entrepreneurship and commercialization techniques, and opportunities for professional and personal development. The program encompasses:

  • Lectures from ICFO GLs and invited visiting professors on topics relevant to ICFO’s research programs.
  • Tutorials in topics such as scientific computing, information technologies, optical and mechanical design and electronics.
  • Skills training and personal and professional development, including a language program, transferrable skills courses, and career development workshops.
  • Schools including summer schools for PhD and Masters students, the undergraduate Summer Fellows program, and undergraduate and masters research internship opportunities.
  • Business training designed to prepare PhD students and postdocs for leadership in the academic and the industrial worlds, developed in conjunction with corporate and industrial partners, and including workshops on intellectual property protection, patent management, the CLP Day, and a variety of specialized talks and seminars where entrepreneurs, business professionals and investors share their experiences with ICFOnians.
  • Events: students are encouraged to broaden their scientific horizons by participating in the ICFO colloquium, scientific seminars, topical seminar series such as L4H and L4G, conferences and workshops hosted by ICFO, the PhD seminar series, ICFO poster prize competition, and more.