24 February 2016 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress

ICFO stand in the Graphene Pavilion

Graphene research, prototypes, demos & applications debut at the world’s largest Mobile industry event February 22-25, under the theme ‘Mobile is Everything’, the 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress brings to its audience a new Graphene Pavilion, coordinated by ICFO and the Graphene Flagship (GF) with the support of the GSMA, that is showcasing the latest advances in graphene research as well as graphene-related innovations that are newly available in the market.

The pavilion exhibits working prototypes currently in advanced stages of development such as wearables that are flexible and can monitor important health and fitness parameters and invisible optical sensors, both presented by ICFO, printable touch sensors by University of Cambridge, graphene based flexible batteries by the Italian Institute of Technology and a working graphene supercapacitor by The University of Manchester, among other devices.

The pavilion also presents applications such as phone batteries by Zap&Go that can be charged in 5 minutes, graphene sensors for biomedical applications by the Barcelona-based Catalan Institute of NanoScience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), like ICFO a member of The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, graphene sensors for air quality/pollution monitoring by Nvision and Libre S.R.L., or a fully flexible graphene-based glove integrated with infrared sensors, among many others.

Altogether, 11 companies and 9 research centers provide the content of the 135m2 Graphene Pavilion (Hall 8.0 L30), embracing five technological and innovative fields within the mobile world: display technologies; wearables; Internet-of-Things; energy transmission and storage; and data communications. Congress attendees are invited to touch and experiment with graphene by participating in tours of the pavilion, introducing and explaining different applications, components, devices and prototypes that are being created and developed by Graphene Pavilion exhibitors.

Two sessions within the MWC program are dedicated to this material.