13 August 2020 Artur Polls Martí ( - 2020)

Prof. Artur Polls

ICFO mourns the loss of a great scientist, educator and friend On Wednesday, August 12th, Professor Artur Polls Martí, nuclear physicist and full professor of the University of Barcelona, passed away.

Artur Polls was a great theoretical physicist, educator, and friend. He studied in Barcelona, and after finishing his degree, began his research carrier as nuclear physicist with his first faculty position at the University of Granada. Later he returned to his alma mater, Universidad Barcelona, and carried out work related to the fields of condensed matter and atomic, molecular and optical physics. Throughout his entire career, he has made significant contributions to different fields which include, among others, many body theory and quantum Monte Carlo methods, ultra-cold atomic matter, or theory of liquid Helium and nuclear superfluids. His work and contributions have also contributed at making Barcelona a renowned leading city for scientific research.

As ICREA Prof. at ICFO Maciej Lewenstein recalls, “Artur was a phenomenal lecturer and teacher. He was an extremely good, moral, and kind person. Paraphrasing the movie title: “A Researcher and Gentleman.” A person of radiating modesty, politeness, and wisdom. Despair is what we all feel.”

Professor Polls leaves behind a rich scientific legacy. He has trained, supervised and guided new generations of top researchers that are currently working in different fields of science. “Artur’s profound legacy will be present in our community forever” Director Torner declared.

We extend our condolences to his family and friends.