26 September 2011 Metamaterials and Plasmonics

Focus issue of Optical Materials Express edited by Romain Quidant and Vladimir Drachev. The issue compiles a survey on new research trends by experts in the fields of metamaterials and plasmonics. It is edited by Prof. Vladimir Drachev, from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, and ICREA Prof. Romain Quidant, leader at ICFO of the Plasmon nano-optics group.

\"Research in nanoplasmonics and metamaterials\" said Prof. Drachev to OSA, \"is very well representative of the tremendous increase of activities in nano-optics and both are expected to have a strong impact on our society, especially in the areas of high-integration density optical interconnects, photovoltaics, and bio-medical applications.\"

\"At this very exiting stage of research in nanoplasmonics and metamaterials, further advances are in part conditioned by the development of new optical materials with improved properties, as well as advances in nanofabrication techniques to increase the quality of constitutive nano-units,\" said Prof. Quidant, \"Important advances in materials research have occurred over the past few years and this special issue addresses these advances and highlights the future of this dynamic field.\"