16 October 2011 2011 PhD Poster Award

Dhriti Ghosh with PhD Poster Award Jury

Dhriti Ghosh awarded Best Poster during the celebration of the CLP Day. ICFO PhD student Dhriti Ghosh was awarded for a presentation of an alternative technology based on ultrathin metal films for tactile, 3D, and head-up displays. The PhD Poster Sessions aims to promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge among ICFO PhD students in different groups and areas. At this year’s event, 22 posters were exhibited during the annual CLP day. In the week leading up to the CLP day, ICFOnians were invited to select their favorite poster. The final selection of the three best posters was made by the PhD in Photonics Commission.

The 3 finalist for Best Poster were:

Olga Borovkova- Nonlinear optical phenomena group (Prof. Lluis Torner)
Dhriti Ghosh- Optoelectronics group (ICREA Prof. Valerio Pruneri)
Thomas van Zanten- Single molecule biophotonics group (ICREA Prof. Maria Garcia- Parajo)

The winner of the 2011 PhD Poster Award was chosen by a jury which consisted of the invited speakers of the CLP day: Dr. Frans J.M. Harren from Radboud University, Nijmegen, the Netherlands; Dr. Alexis Méndez, President of MCH Engineering LLC, Alameda, CA, USA; and Dr. Anton Zavriyev, Director of R&D at MagiQ, Boston, MA, USA.

After a lively debate on the posters of all three finalists, the award was given to PhD Student, Dhriti Ghosh. The jury made special mention of the following significant qualities:
  • Relevance of research exhibited for future applications in displays and solar cells.
  • Poster Layout.
  • Clarity and enthusiasm of presentation.
Congratulations Dhriti!