18 October 2011 ICFO Earns Recognition within Euro-BioImaging

ICFO selected as European proof-of-concept site on Super-Resolution Microscopy. The ICFO-CRG alliance, SLN@BCN, has been selected as a proof-of-concept (PCS) site on super-resolution microscopy within the Euro-BioImaging research infrastructure project. This project is part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap. Euro-BioImaging will deploy a distributed biological and biomedical imaging infrastructure in Europe and plans to become an engine that will drive European innovation in imaging research and technologies. The main aim of these proof-of-concept studies is to provide access for scientists to conduct bio-related research projects using cutting edge imaging instruments.

The SLN facility at ICFO is one of only four such sites selected for super-resolution microscopy. Other sites selected are:
  1. Department of Nano-Biophotonics MPI Göttingen, Facility for Innovative Light Microscopy, Göttingen, GERMANY
  2. Science for life laboratory Stockholm, SWEDEN
  3. Bordeaux Imaging Center, Center for Functional Genomics of Bordeaux, FRANCE