23 July 2012 ICREA Conference Award 2012

High density vectorial mapping of individual receptors in living cells, obtained using superresolution approaches to be covered by the conference

ICREA Professor at ICFO, Maria Garcia-Parajo, receives award for Super-Resolution Microscopy Conference. Each year, ICREA researchers are eligible to participate in a highly competitive call for proposals for the ICREA Conference Awards which fund international conferences and workshops in Catalonia where participants are world leaders in their fields. The awarded events may be devoted to any area of knowledge that is relevant to the research carried out by the applicants, although priority is given to cutting-edge fields and interdisciplinary subjects.

ICREA has announced three winners of the 2012 ICREA Conference Award, with the proposal titled \"ICREA International Symposium on Visualizing signalling nanoplatforms at a higher spatiotemporal resolution\" by ICREA Professor at ICFO, Maria Garcia-Parajo, in first place. The event will be organized at ICFO in 2013.

Congratulations Maria!