20 February 2013 ICFO on SER

Prof. Romain Quidant discusses the potential of gold nano-particles in cancer treatment. On Sunday, 17 February, the discussion on Radio SER’s morning program, “Living… Science” (A Vivir… Ciencias), centered on treatments that help patients suffering from cancer to fight the disease, and how budget cuts may affect their implementation.

In this context, ICREA Professor at ICFO, Romain Quidant was invited to discuss his research using gold nano-particles for cancer therapies. Currently moving into initial laboratory testing stage, this research provides the hope that we will, in the not so distant future, be able to fight cancer by selectively attacking sick cells marked with gold-nanoparticles, leaving healthy cells unharmed.

While budget cuts are reducing patients\' access to some treatments and also effecting research towards new and improved treatments, the research which Prof. Quidant described in detail to a national audience, has been made possible by generous funding from the Cellex Foundation Barcelona.