25 February 2014 Nanoplamonics for Chemistry

Plasmon-triggered chemical reaction

Triggering chemical reactions with plasmonic nanoparticles ICREA Professor at ICFO Romain Quidant, in collaboration with Dr Guillaume Baffou from Institut Fresnel have published an article about “Nanoplasmonics for chemistry” in Chemical Society Reviews.

In this tutorial review, the authors discuss how nanoplasmonics can benefit chemistry and review the most recent developments in this new and fast growing field of research. In particular, they discuss how noble metal nanoparticles supporting plasmonic resonances can behave as efficient nanosources of light, heat and energetic electrons, capable of catalyzing chemical reactions that would otherwise be very inefficient. Owing to these properties, noble metal nanoparticles offer unique opportunities in chemistry that could strongly benefit the production of clean energies.