16 December 2014 ERC Starting Grant Awarded to Prof Darrick Chang

Prof. Darrick Chang

Starting Grant funding supports young researchers to establish themselves as independent research leaders. ICFO Group Leader Professor Darrick Chang, has been awarded a European Research Council Starting Grant to pursue the project “Frontiers of Quantum Atom-Light Interactions (FoQAL)”. This projects aims to completely re-define our ability to control light-matter interactions at the quantum level. This potential revolution will make use of cold atoms interfaced with nanophotonic systems, exploiting unique features such as control over the dimensionality and dispersion of light, the engineering of quantum vacuum forces, and strong optical fields and forces associated with light confined to the nanoscale. It seeks to develop powerful and fundamentally new paradigms for atomic trapping, tailoring atomic interactions, and quantum nonlinear optics, which cannot be duplicated in macroscopic systems even in principle.

The European Research Council is a research funding body created under the EU\'s 7th Framework Program for Research. The ERC Starting Grant was created in response to a deficit of funding opportunities for exceptional young researchers at an important development stage of their careers, and offers important opportunities for early career independence in Europe. Recipients of this grant may be of any nationality with 2-7 years of experience since completion of PhD (or equivalent degree), with a scientific track record showing great promise.

Congratulations Darrick!