30 November 2015 ICFO PhD Thesis Award

2014 PhD Thesis Award

Dr Jan Gieseler awarded best ICFO thesis of 2014 Now in its 6th edition, the ICFO PhD Thesis Award was created in order to distinguish particularly brilliant PhD Theses presented at ICFO. With this award ICFO wishes to highlight and reward extraordinary PhD students, whose research progress at the Institute has proven to be highly creative and ambitious.

In recognition of the exceptional doctoral thesis: “Dynamics of Optically Levitated Nanoparticles in High Vacuum”, Dr. Jan Gieseler, whose thesis was co-supervised by ICREA Prof. at ICFO Romain Quidant and ICFO Distinguished Invited Prof Lukas Novotny (ETH Zürich), was awarded the 2014 ICFO PhD award during the first ICFO Day celebration on 27th November.

Award Citation:

By devising novel concepts to optically levitate nanoparticles in high vacuum, Jan Gieseler managed during his doctoral years at ICFO to pioneer an original route in optomechanics and thus trigger a new research line.

We congratulate Jan for the dedication, hard work, and scientific insight that have earned him this ICFO 2014 PhD Thesis Award!