06 April 2006 ICFO PhD student awarded top prize from China

Zhiyong Xu

Zhiyong Xu searches for new strategies for all-optical soliton manipulation and control Mr Zhiyong Xu, a student doing his PhD at ICFO, has recently received the prestigious Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students working abroad. The award was established in 2003 to encourage research excellence of Chinese PhD students who study around the world. This year, 202 students from 31 different countries have been awarded, of which two students based in Spain.

Zhiyong got an Electronic and Information Technology degree and a MSc in Optical Engineering from the Shanxi University (China) in 2003, and since then he has been working in his PhD thesis in the field of Optical Solitons in Prof. Torner\'s group at ICFO.

Zhiyong\'s research project addresses new strategy for solitons control, specially the new features exhibited by solitons propagating in optical lattices, which have potential application for all-optical data processing, and all-optical switching devices.

Zhiyong is now enhancing his education and international experience by visiting for a few months the Research Lab of Electronics, at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), where he is studying nonlinear phenomena in photonic crystals, more specifically optical solitons, localized modes, and super-collimation, under the supervision of Prof Marin Soljacic.

Zhiyong does his PhD at ICFO and at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, thanks to a fellowship funded by AGAUR, Regional Government of Catalonia.