09 March 2017 International Women’s Day

ICFO participates in the XXXIII Women International Day event organized by the Castelldefels City Hall. On March 8th and in celebration of the XXXIII International Day for Women, ICFO’s Director Dr. Lluís Torner, and ICREA Prof. at ICFO María García-Parajo, were invited to participate in the town’s celebration of Women’s Leadership.

The inaugural event took place in front of the Town Hall, where Lluís Torner and Anna Gras Moreu, Director of the Superior School of Agriculture of Barcelona –ESAB, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC), made a joint reading of a manifesto. This manifesto highlighted and recognized the outstanding contributions that women have made in a wide range of areas, and at the same time encouraged women to strive to play leading roles in the future.

As part of the events of the day, the round-table discussion "Leaderships” (Lideratges) took place at the RFJ Castelldefels library. Prof. María García-Parajo, together with female directors and coordinators of other centres as well as an educational and gender specialist, shared their experiences in their respective fields, including obstacles they had to overcome in their path to success.