25 July 2017 New Group Leader

Prof. Dmitri Efetov

Dr. Dmitri Efetov joins ICFO to start a new group that will focus on low-dimensional quantum materials Dr. Dmitri Efetov joins ICFO as a Group Leader with a research program that will focus on the investigation of novel two-dimensional materials at the intersection of condensed matter physics, optics and quantum science.

Dr. Efetov received a PhD in Physics in the group of Prof. Philip Kim at Columbia University (USA) where his research focused on quantum transport phenomena in graphene hetero-structures. He then was a postdoctoral fellow at MIT (USA), where he explored the fundamental properties of the same class of materials towards their application for quantum information, a highlight of which was his development of a graphene based single photon detector.

The low-dimensional quantum materials group at ICFO will use innovative nano-fabrication techniques to create novel designer materials made from vertical stacks of two-dimensional materials such as graphene, hBN, MoS2, NbSe2 and many more, together covering almost every phenomena in solid state physics. The shear infinite number of combinations of these compounds allows the combination of systems with competing electronic orders. The dramatically restricted phase space and strong electronic interactions enable enhanced quantum effects. The group aims to study these complex electronic states with a combination of electrical, optical and thermal measurements, and to provide new types of quantum systems with which to encode, sense and control quantum information.

Position(s): The low-dimensional quantum materials group is interested in excellent candidates who want to pursue a PhD or a postdoc in this group.