10 September 2020 Update on ICFO West

Construction progress on ICFO - W (last photo 10 Sept '20)

New NFL facility takes shape

Construction advances on ICFO’s new NanoFabrication Laboratory and additional lab and workspace In January of 2019, ICFO began construction on an ambitious building project, ICFO West, located adjacent to our current facilities. The project, made possible by a generous donation from the Mir-Puig Foundation, will provide additional laboratory and work spaces and most notably, will contain a new Clean Room Facility which will dramatically increase the capacity and versatility for nanofabrication and nanocharacterization at the institute.

The new Clean Room space will be approximately 500m2 including service and work areas. “The requirements are very demanding and highly technical so the project is complex, but we are finding solutions and advancing steadily towards a new facility which will adapt to the future needs of ICFO’s researcher”, comments Luis Enrique, NFL Operations head.

In spite of complications caused by the global pandemic, delays in the project have been minimized and construction is estimated to be complete by the end of 2020.