02 November 2007 ICFO in Nature Photonics

Influence of the annealing on the optical properties of the grown structures

High aspect ratio gold needles

Nature Photonics highlights
the new technique for the fabrication of plasmonic 3D photonic nanostructures developed at ICFO.
Nature Photonics highlights in this month’s issue the outstanding results by the groups of Prof. Romain Quidant and Prof. Gonçal Badenes at ICFO in collaboration with Prof Ramon Alcubilla at UPC, Center for Research in Nanoengineering.

In the work recently published by Graells et al. (Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 121112 (2007)), the ICFO team achieves high aspect-ratio gold structures that exhibit plasmonic properties.

Metallic nanostructures, with their interesting plasmonic properties, have the potential to benefit sensing, spectroscopic and nano-optical applications. To tap the full potential of plasmonic nanostructures, however, techniques that enable precise control of their 3D shape and position need to be developed.

The technique proposed by ICFO’s team opens new perspectives in the fabrication of substantial height-base aspect ratio plasmonic nanostructures impossible to fabricate otherwise with conventional e-beam lithography. The results may become particularly relevant for non-flat substrates. The new technique overcomes the main limitations of other nano structuring techniques like lift-off.