08 April 2008 ICFO in La Vanguardia

Barcelona is poised to become a talent pool

ICFO researcher Prof. Romain Quidant, one of the examples
of Barcelona’s capacity for international talent attraction.
The account by Prof Romain Quidant about how he decided to move to ICFO is the opening section of an article about foreign researchers in Spain, published today by Cristina Sáez in La Vanguardia. The feature highlights the increasing capacity of Spanish (and in particular Catalan) research institutions to attract top talent. The article features as well Dr. Pietro Gambardella (Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology), Dr. Ben Lehrer (Center for Genomic Regulation), and Dr. Lens Lüders (Institute for Research in Biomedicine).

The opportunity and the resources to launch his own research group, as well as the working conditions at ICFO, were the most attractive aspects of ICFO for Romain Quidant, according to the article. The attraction of top international talent to Barcelona was boosted by the creation of ICREA and a series of excellence centers in the area. ICREA Researcher Professors may be affiliated with a local University or a research center like ICFO. The model was conceived and put in place by Prof. Andreu Mas-Colell (Regional Minister of Universities, Research and the Information Society of Catalonia during the period 2000-2003). The presence of international scientists is the basis to attract further talent and an important instrument for the creation of wealth, remarks ICFO’s director in the same article.