15 September 2009 ICFO in Nature Photonics

Optical configuration proposed to control the near field optical response of nanoantennas with special phase-shaped beams.

A study on optical nanoantennas by the group
led by Prof. Romain Quidant
is highlighted in Nature Photonics.
Nature Photonics has included in its Research Highlights a work published in Nanoletters and authored by PhD student Giorgio Volpe, Post-doc Sudhir Cherukulappurath, Research Engineer Roser Juanola Parramon, Post-doc Gabriel Molina-Terriza and Prof. Romain Quidant. The article “Controlling the optical near field of nanoantennas with spatial phase-shaped beams” is summarized in Nature Photonics under the title “To the point”. According to the magazine, the authors have achieved important results in controlling the sub-wavelength confinement of light in plasmonic nanostructures and have progressed in “the art of dynamically controlling these hot spots”.