14 October 2009 ICFO in Nature Phys

SIBA trapping

Researchers led by Prof. Quidant report a breakthrough in ultragentle manipulation of nanoscale objects with light. The research has been jointly carried out by ICFO Post-doctoral Researcher Dr. Mathieu Juan and ICFO Visiting Professor Dr. Reuven Gordon, of the University of Victoria (Canada), in collaboration with PhD Students Yuanjie Pang and Fatime Eftekhari, also of Victoria. The project was largely supported by the Fundació Cellex Barcelona and led by ICFO Group Leader and ICREA Professor Romain Quidant.

The paper reports a novel approach to optically trapping nanoscale objects which enables to strongly relax the requirements on both the incident laser intensity and the laser intensity within the trap. The so-called “SIBA” method opens new opportunities for non-invasive immobilization of nanoscale objects, such as single virus or quantum dots, whose damage thresholds lay way below the local intensity needed in other techniques.

The achievement featured recently in EL PAIS.